Summer School Day 4

Mary is the school secretary. She has enjoyed watching Miss Lucy’s class as they have been very creative working with the jungle animals and playing doctors – opening the children’s imagination. She has enjoyed the new games Harry and Olivia have shown the children, as it is a new experience. Everline told Mary that she would like to be a teacher like Lucy as she has shown them how to do things they don’t understand and has cared for them. Lucca said he loved the games and would like to learn new games and is enjoying the new games he is being taught.

Also the teaching between English and Kenyan teachers is different: for example Mrs Simmonds using shapes and colours in maths to find the answers to the questions, the knitting was also taught with plastic needles and they have never seen this before and it makes it a lot safer for the children to do it. Teacher Silvia said that she wanted to have more experience and skills working with the teachers from SJC and would like to visit the UK to learn new skills about how teachers teach there.


Children creating there own Kenyan jungle.

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Summer School Day 3

Peter liked playing hide and seek with others at break time, Emmanuel  enjoyed playing netball at break time with his friends. Irene and Elizabeth enjoyed maths, using the Chromebooks, reading the blog about yesterday’s summer school,  and the skipping. Diana enjoyed painting and doing sports whilst Jane enjoyed the mathematics. All the children enjoyed the art class where they made animal masks.

Mr Edgar liked the use of modern technology and the different methods of teaching. He found the technology lesson very interesting; particularly thinking about building strong structures. He was impressed by the children’s interest in using the force of gravity to transport water and the reasons for positioning the water tanks at the highest point on the school site. Mr Edgar has also enjoyed playing football and interacting with the students and staff from the UK.


Children wearing there animal masks.

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Summer School Day 2

Today we had a successful day as we managed to get all the Google Chromebooks up and running, Margaret read the blog for day 1 and wanted to tell everyone that she enjoyed the sport, especially the football today. Brian and Ezeakiel really enjoying the football, whilst Precillar enjoyed the skipping.

Diana and Shadrack enjoyed the fun mathematics: adding and subtracting and using odd and even numbers, Diana also enjoyed making flowers for the display and using the new glue sticks, she also enjoyed making hand puppets. Irene enjoyed the art class where she drew a heart and colour it in with paint.


Children getting to grips with the Google Chromebooks


Children exploring the internet with their teacher.

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Summer School Day 1

The staff and students of SJC began their summer school today with seventy-five of the children from the school. They offered all the children five activities: Technology, Drama, Sport, Mathematics together with Art & craft.

The children enjoyed the day with Elizabeth enjoying play time the most with the use of the new football goals and footballs, she also enjoyed maths and English. Ezekiel also enjoyed the maths and playing football and netball, which is a new sport for the children and was loved by all who participated. The football goals where a hit amongst staff and children with a big game played at morning break. The goals where put together by the children in the first technology class in the morning


Penalty shoot-out with the new goal posts. 



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