Summer School Day 5

The morning began with 30 minutes of dancing from the children dressed in their Maasai clothing which was enjoyable and interesting for all to watch. The children then joined in with the staff and students from the UK learning some English songs and dances, including Old MacDonald, The Wheels on the Bus and the Hokey Cokey.

The morning continued with a mini sports day. There was a penalty shoot out, discus-throwing, bean bag target throwing, obstacle course and long jump. We then had the team relays with all 5 groups competing against each other in many races.

In the afternoon we had a party in the school hall accompanied by music. This consisted of many games including ‘musical chairs’, ‘musical statues’ and ‘in and out the bamboo forest’. The children all enjoyed the day and left with smiles on their faces together with their prizes and SJC t-shirts.



Children in their SJC t-shirts. 


Races under way.

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