Summer School Day 6

Teacher Rispa, the Headteacher at the school,  is so impressed by the different styles of teaching and how the UK teachers and students have increased the learning of children at all levels, including the weaker learners who are doing well and are keeping up with the rest of the class. She was also surprised that all the lessons include activities in practical form, and how teaching has made learning simpler for the learners and they understand more due to the practical activity. She is very happy to see a variety of teaching aids, for example, all the tools used in technology lessons, some of which many of the students and teachers have never seen before.

The Science class was very pleasing for Mrs Rispa to see as she said all the children were happy to find and observe real animals – like the spiders and scorpions caught in the insect hunt; this made the learning more real and interesting and it improved class participation. The children really enjoyed looking at the minibeasts through magnifying glasses and then re-creating them using art straws and discussing their key features.



Children actively engaging in the technology class with Headteacher Rispa.

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